Single permit


I have a question my employer applied for my Single permit on 19 April yesterday I received the positive feedback that I can start the working from Augustus but it's under conditions that

The Immigration Department still has to take a decision on the residence permit. This means that the permission to work is only valid if the Immigration Department takes a positive decision on the application for the combined permit.,,

What does this mean am currently holding student visa .Do I need to go to the commune to ask or what I do ?

Hello Nimo,

To my knowledge, even if the work permit has been granted, you have to wait the decision of the Immigration office on the extension of your residency to be able to start your job. This apparently also applies even if you are legally in Belgium as a student. The process normally takes between 2 to 4 weeks so in a month time, the combined permit should be approved.

My employer also applied for the work permit on 19 April. But I haven't received a feedback yet. Did you receive the feedback from your employer or directly from the government to your email?


Thanks for the feedback I received through the government direct in my email.

Sp application 19 /04/2022

Approvals 04/05/2022
I think the reason for this is, that you have to get your visa from your country to enter Belgium. Later, after your arrival in Belgium, you have to make an address registration. I think that's why it says combined permit.

I live here in Belgium as Student so I actually don't understand why?

@Nimo1 congratulations

@Nimo1 In which region was your application submitted?