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How to get a job in Lima? Is any body here can help me to suggest any jobs there? I AM Filipina I would love to work and live in Peru please I hope someone can help me out 😭 it's hard to find a job since I'm only high school graduate🥺
Any kind of job I can work🙏🙏 

Is anyone here can help me out? I would appreciate your help guys🙏🙏🥺🥺 I can work in restaurants or in a hotel or fast foods or house keeping it's fine, as long as I can work there and live.🥺🙏
Getting a job in Perú is hard for a foreigner. Heck, getting a good job in Perú is hard for Peruvians.  And especially hard for a foreigner who does not speak fluent Spanish and who does not have a skill that is in high demand.

Here's a guide to what you have to do:

You can do internet searches to find out more, like

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peru visa requirements

Have you considered going to college/university and getting a degree in something you like?  That would make you much more employable.  Or a trade school to learn plumbing, electricity, welding, etc. etc.
Even obtaining a fast-food counter job at KFC requires knowing such 'palabras' as pechuga, presa, pospierna, ala, muslo, col, gaseosa, serviette, (ad nauseam) and understanding El Jefe's instrucciones.

I see Spell-check 'sandbagged' me on the spelling of 'servietta' (napkin).

Also forgot to mention the 'empleado' needs to cooperate with La Jefa whenever she is on the scene.

I graduated high school in trade school here in the Philippines. I learned basics about commercial cooking.  Is there any chance for me to get a job in a restaurants or in a hotel?🥺 

I would like to proceed in college but for now I couldn't afford to study. That's why I was trying to find a job if possible for me 😔 
Unless one can find Filipino restaurant(s) in South America -- and I haven't -- the odds in your favor are too low to be worth a cross-oceanic move in this case.

Even my esteemed colleague Brother Archer probably cannot reliably tell you what you seek is possible.  Unless he refers to the bromide 'Anything is possible'.


Dang it, it took me three tries to post the correct spelling of the
following Spanish-language word...


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