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Hello! I'm Giada.
Nice to meet you. I'd like to go to study Marketing in Dublin. My biggest desire is to move there and to get a good job.
Is it easy to enroll to university there? And is it too much difficult to get an accomodation to live (not so expensive)?
Any experiences 1f600.svg?
Thanks a lot
Hi and welcome to the Forum.

Your forum information tells me you're an Italian citizen, so a member of the EU and will not need a visa or work permit.  The Irish Universities have put together a website that provides a lot of related information that may help you; this link will take you straight to it.

My only comment is that Dublin is a very expensive place; to give you an idea of just how expensive, the Numbeo website publishes detailed information costs for many countries/cities across the world; this link will take you straight to the Dublin page.

To answer your questions, providing you meet the pre-entry requirements, enrolment shouldn't be an issue.  Being able to afford to live in Dublin is another matter, my advice would be to contact the university you chose and ask if they have any student accommodation that you can use.

Hope this helps.

Expat Team

@giadag I went to Ireland to study through an organization named elab. They guided me to understand the best course of study for me and helped with all the paperwork. I would do it again. I have been living in Dublin for 2 years now. I love the vibe here. I found a small job in the weekend, so that I am not a weight on my family. I am studying a lot and I hope all these sacrifices will be paid off with a good job… You will be missing the sun though, get ready for that! 

@Cynic @Cynic Thank you for your reply and the link and the informations. I'll look into it! 

@Doc JDV It sounds great!!!! was it easy to get a small job? And this organization was helpfull? If you want, text a private msg! 

@giadag Hey Giada, good to hear from you. Finding a small job was not extremely hard for me, especially if you meet people and do some networking.

Oh, and elab was definitely super helpful. I honestly don't know what I would have done without them 1f605.svg Plus, again, I found out about it through friends and networking, cause apparently that's what saves my life all the time! 1f602.svg 

I'll message you privately, then.
@Doc JDV 

Hi there! I called them and they are helping me so much! Thanks for your information.

I'll move in 2 months. I'm looking forward!!!!
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