Cost of living in Spain in 2022

Hi everyone,

Two years after the start of the pandemic, it is time to take stock of the evolution of the cost of living in Spain or more specifically, in the region where you live. The idea is to help people get ready for their expatriation to Spain to plan their day-to-day budget for some key expenses.

If you are a tenant, what is your monthly rent? Please give details of the type of property you are in.

How much are your monthly charges (water, electricity, common area maintenance charges, etc.) and additional expenses (mobile phone and/or internet box subscriptions)?

How much do you spend on commuting (by public transport or using your car) each month?

How much does your grocery shopping cost in Spain?

How much do you spend on health care (health insurance, consultations, etc.)?

How much are your children's school fees, depending on the type of school they attend?

What about your budget for leisure activities? 

Do not hesitate to indicate other everyday costs if they could be useful to others.

Thank you for your contribution :)

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@Cheryl Hi Cheryl, we moved here in October 2019, just before the pandemic, a weekly grocery shop was €80/€90, now it's around €140. Our monthly electricity used to be €90/€120. Now it's €300. To fill the car was €56 and now it's €77.

It's not just in Spain, back in Ireland the same price hikes are occurring

Hi Cheryl fuel costs go up and down with the price of Brent crude, bottled gas has just recently gone up propane being cheaper than butane, food prices  have gone up thanks mainly to the huge electricity price hike.  David you do need to look at reducing your electric bill, bin the dishwasher do it by hand, low wattage LED light's everywhere,  I am a man alone (+ cat) but my bill still only comes to 32 euros a month  this includes having a mobile home and a well pump and washing machine on my house supply 

Hi, I will be moving to Valencia the 19 April so I can't really comment yet. Maybe in 3-4 months I will be in a better position.
@Cheryl  Hi Cheryl. I am a single person in Barcelona. I pay 875 for a small one-bed by the sea. On average 110/mth for electric/gas/water (which I find outrageously expensive since I don't even use the split heating/air con). By contrast transport is really cheap and Health insurance is ok at around 65 euro/mth. This may be weird but I find fruit is quite expensive here, even compared to uk, but generally food prices not too bad.
If anyone needs more info, ask away! :)
Recently in Granada I revised the prices of everyday shopping compared to Summer 2020 (beginning of pandemic) compared to now.

Here is the insight about price in Andalucia, Southern Spain updated *****

I will review again soon and update pricing again
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We are a retired couple and rent a 2BR apartment on the water on Costa del Sol, west of Malaga city. Our rent is €1.300, but we rented long-term right before the real estate boom began.  Pretty sure it would be €1.500--1.700 now. Long term rentals have gone way up since last year--if you can actually find one. Prices vary relative to how close you are to the water. Away from the water with no sea view--you can still find 2 BR apartments for €800--€1.200, but anywhere very near the water is €1.200--€2.500. Inland rentals are less expensive, but sea views increase the rent.  Everything on the water now seems to be seasonal or holiday rentals. Utilities have been averaging €100--we have central heat and AC. TV and internet are €25 per month (plus streaming service subscriptions). Cell phone service is €26 per month for 2 phones. Groceries have  gone up, but not noticeably for the items we buy. We spend about €100 per week on groceries, and eat out every other night. Meals for two are about €25--45 with beer and/or wine depending on the restaurant--we don't do a lot of 'fine dining' or steak house dining, which tends to be more expensive.  A glass of wine at a restaurant is €2,50--€3,50. Pint of beer is €3--4. We use public transportation, so spend about €25 each per month for bus passes. Had a car rental last summer--€600 per month, €60 to fill up then--both costs have gone up in the last year.  Private health insurance for us is €4.080 for the year (€340 per month for both of us for full coverage--over 65 private health insurance is a lot more than under 65s). Public health insurance for both of us would be €314 per month. The one thing we did not figure in is income tax--very high in Spain--nobody includes that in COL, but for expat tax residents of Spain--it should be, as world-wide assets and income (including Social Security) are taxed at very high rates. In general, Andalusia has a higher COL than we expected, as we came to visit in 2019 and everything was a lot cheaper at that time.
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