Cost of living in Australia in 2022

Hi everyone,

Two years after the start of the pandemic, it is time to take stock of the evolution of the cost of living in Australia or more specifically, in the region where you live. The idea is to help people get ready for their expatriation to Australia to plan their day-to-day budget for some key expenses.

If you are a tenant, what is your monthly rent? Please give details of the type of property you are in.

How much are your monthly charges (water, electricity, common area maintenance charges, etc.) and additional expenses (mobile phone and/or internet box subscriptions)?

How much do you spend on commuting (by public transport or using your car) each month?

How much does your grocery shopping cost in Australia?

How much do you spend on health care (health insurance, consultations, etc.)?

How much are your children's school fees, depending on the type of school they attend?

What about your budget for leisure activities?

Do not hesitate to indicate other everyday costs if they could be useful to others.

Thank you for your contribution :)

Cheryl team


Hello I am from Bangladesh

Can you tell me how can i go to australia i have five years hotel work experience

I serve the people of Australia

Hello Sanjibon400,

I suggest that you post an advert in the Jobs in Australia section of the website. You are off-topic on this thread.



I don't know the Australian website name

can you help me with the website name.


All you have to do is click on the link that Bhavna has given you in her reply.

As a teacher over 50, can I move to Australia and by which route?