Travel whilst waiting for Permesso di Soggiorno

Hi, just a question about travel.

I am an English student in Italy with a single entry visa into Italy, and I am waiting for my first Permesso di Soggiorno (that is, I am not renewing an old one, but applying for the first time). I have the receipt for it, and have been told I will be receiving it at the end of May. I have already done the process of collecting the biometric information etc.

However, I need to return to England twice in the coming month for personal reasons, each time for about 5 days at most. Am I able to travel to England and then return to Italy in this situation, or am I obliged to remain in Italy?

@J_F_D you may travel abroad as well. The Postal reception is all that you need. Keep it safe and make a copy

@Carlo Veronese 

I was told that the postal receipt is not valid outside of Italy. It's all so confusing :( 
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