Emigrating to Guadeloupe,tips on how best to go about it?

Hello, my name is Uli Nickel. I come from Germany, more precisely from the beautiful city of Münster.
However, I am thinking about emigrating to Guadeloupe in the not too distant future.
Therefore, I would be very grateful for tips on how best to go about it - whether from German or English-speaking expats.
Kind regards

Hello Uli,

I am Dutch but I can speak also German, I am moving the 6th of mai to Guadeloupe, I would suggest check the internet on Guadeloupe you will find interesting articles, you can also buy books at Amazon about Guadeloupe, but the main thing is learn French this language is mainly spoken.
I myself live in France since 2009 in the Charente and I visited Guadeloupe in 2015 on-board of the Clipper Stad Amsterdam, in a matter of fact I visited many caribean islands from Curaçoa to Cuba on-board on Tallships as a guest crew. Alles gute !!

Hello Schijf!
Thank you for your kind response. I will spend three weeks in Guadeloupe in mid-May to find out if this island might become my new home someday. For that, however, I would probably have to improve my French first. In any case, I'm excited about Guadeloupe. Best regards from Uli

Hallo Uli,

Where do you stay in Guadeloupe, I'll stay in Baillif maybe we can meet.



Hello Uli,
we are German and have been living here on Guadeloupe since October 2021. However, we did not come from Germany, but from South America. But what question do you have specifically? Maybe I could help you.



Hello Wouter,
do you remember our conversation?
at the weekend we were near Basse-Terre. When you are here, let me know and we can also meet for a coffee. :-)

Regards Nina
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