how can i get scholarships in Chemical Engineering U.S.A or Canada

hello ppl, currently I'm a Chemical Engineering student at KSA in my third year " I'm from Yemen " , I'm looking to get a master in Chemical Engineering in any field, and i want to study in the U.S.A or Canada , especially at texas a&m or any university , and I want to get a full scholarships in the United States , can any one help what kind of stuff should I have to have a chance to get a scholarships or where can I find ppl who have scholarship to ask them or what kind of scholarships that I could get thanks a lot.

Oh, umm...

Maybe try the American University in Cairo. At least it has the name America in it. 
first of all.. your education. How many years of total schooling do you possess? From 1st grade to KSA completion? 

To get an advanced education (MS, PhD) in the USA, you need a total of 16 years of schooling (from grade 1 - completion of a 4 year degree). If you have invested 16 years till you complete your KSA, and you have a good rank (standing) or your rank is at the top 5-10% of the class, you can start applying to various schools for the MS program. You will have to take the GRE; no questions about that. Without good scores in your GRE, admission will be difficult and financial aid will not be available. Financial aid is offered to students by their advisor/Professor in the form of research or teaching assistantship; which will pay for tuition, health and living expenses. 
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