I check my EP status it was showing Deferral (The application processing is on hold for internal checking by the respective team as required by the Expatriate Committee) this is normal and how long it will take
please advise .......

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Dear shajipallipad,

Did you finally got you EP approved? I am currently in the same situation, "Deferral",

Will let you know if I get any information. As for now answers from MyXpats are not really clarifying.

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@saulbnrd hi mate , Even I am stuck in the same state , My EP application was filled on 31-May and the application is ideally returned in 5-9 working Days , I am working in Malaysia since 6+ years , I am not sure as why the EP is currently in Deffered . What is it needed from the applicant ? guide/share what is your current state or what was done from your end .

Maruthi YH
hello , me too ,  I am currently in the same situation, "Deferral",
@panehelde43 .
hi , Same is the case with me . But can you suggest if we need to take any action ?
hi @shaji may we know what is your current update or by when the application moved from defer to return
Hello @maruyh , can you please share your status now ?

Anyone in this thread could give a response, if you manage to get rid from the "deferral" stage and how long it took to resolve it?

@aruns009 you need to waitz it is under decision. They will take minimum 3 weeks. And then return to company for additional requirements.

@sharrarat007 My new company applied for "shorten the pass" so that my current company proceeded with physical cancellation.

Application status is changed to Deferral on 24 August. Can you please provide some insights into what the potential reasons are? Also, how much time it would take to change the status?

Thanks in advance!

I am also in a similar position.

Renewing my EP in Malaysia (July 2022 expiry)

Started the renewal process in April.

They asked for many supporting documents. Finally submitted in 27th June.

Has been in deferral since then (and still in deferral now)

We have had to leave Malaysia while we wait.

Myxpats just say it is in internal checking by EC and no timeline available.

Has anyone else experienced something similar and is there anything we can do to speed up the processing?

@Has44 hi, After dederral, your application move to 

Decision stage (The application is scheduled to be presented to Expatriate Committee)

the whole process takes 3~4 weeks After Decision stage, status will be changed to Return to company with notification that cancel the current visa. You need to provide this notification to your current company to process the visa shorten / cancellation process.

@802R what supporting document esd required for pass renewal?

@sharrarat007 thanks for the reply.

Thanks for the response @sharrarat007 ! Really appreciated!

ATM, my new employer has submitted all the required documents including some justification letters, however last Friday the status changed from "Submitted/Documents verification" to "Decision stage" for a couple of hours and later that day the status changed to "Deferral". No idea how long it's going to take for me considering the comments from other peeps here.

@sharrarat007 - Any idea what was the exact information they need inorder to pass the application in your case? That would help to expedite the process somehow.


Company Audit

Bank statements


Payslip etc

Just the usual required documents.

@aruns009 if its company change, they need existing visa shorten scan copy. Also they would need some kind of justification or confirmation to hire expat for the role subject to company already provided or not.


Thanks @sharrarat007 for the kind response!

Yes, it's a job change and the employer has provided the justification letter, however even after providing the justification letter, it went to the deferral stage. In regards to the cancellation or shortening of the current EP, I was advised to only provide it when the ESD returns the application explicitly asking for the scan page of the current EP canceled. Do you think in any way I can know the exact reason for deferral? Reaching out to the ESD directly or any other workarounds?

@aruns009 You cannot reach out to ESD directly, even if you can, they will not share any information with you. Only way to chase your HR / agency who submit your application. Usually they only get the notification from ESD and they are LOI who can check directly with ESD and ESD provides them information related to your application.

In my case, I did not any particular reason for defferal status but one day it changed to decision stage and then return to company :)

As per my exprerience we can only wait for further update or chase to HR for the exact status or reason of any status.


@sharrarat007 Hi Sharrarat How long it took to change the status from Deferral to Decision ??

@eathenHunt if I am not mistaken, took 3 weeks

@802R same here they told us leave Malaysia first

@802R same here they told us leave Malaysia first
[email protected] hossain89

Hello shahadat hossain89,

Would you like to share more details about your situation right now?

Feel free to do it here.



Expat.com team

@shahadat hossain89

did you manage to get it sorted in the end?


I have got a new job offer in Malaysia , i am a foreigner , right now my ep(category 2) is been processed by new employer , it has been returned back to employer for other documents , and later employer has submitted those doc now the status is changed to document verification  , i have a couple of questions here if you can answer those for me:

  1. Is there any possibility if ep process take more time and employer can back off (change their decision to go with some other candidate) ?
  2. How long this process will take again(doc has been submitted again so it means it will again take 4 weeks to process)?


@eathenHunt normally 14 working days.. if employers submitted documents correctly.

Hi @eathenHunt,

EP Stage 1 takes 2 weeks to revert. Employer will wait as understand they also need employee and it time consuming for them to start interviewing and do documentation again. So don't worry this is from my personal experience My EP was returned twice but I received approval recently. Good luck

@tanvik0000000000 Thanks Mate


I could see the status has been changed now to pass approval stage. still it will take time to get the approval letter from esd?

my case now is Deferral. Will they do site visit when is deferral?

@sharrarat007 Did they visit the site for inspection before change to Decision stage?