COVID test results in 24 hours?

Hello. I am traveling to the United States soon, which requires arriving travelers to have a negative COVID test no later than one calendar day prior to departure.

Does anyone know a private company or other service where I can take a COVID test with guaranteed 1-day turnaround?


You can get a test done at any COVID centre in Abidjan depending on your council.
If you live in Plateau , there is one there.
Otherwise, treicheville, Marcory, St.jean.
Just type it in on Google search.

Go to the Institute Pasteur at 8 or 9 am in the morning. Walk around to the back.  Just before the white tent out back, there are dark green double doors to your left.  Enter and tell the woman at the receptionist desk you are flying to the United States and need a same day COVID test. You will fill out a form, take the test and return to this SAME location for your results around 4pm. You MUST have completed the online forms in advanced.

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