New members of the Malaysia forum, introduce yourselves here - 2022

Hi all,

Newbie on the Malaysia forum? Don't know how to start?

This thread is for you ;)

We invite you to introduce yourself on this topic, to share with us your expat story if you are already living in the country,
or to tell us more on your expat projects in Malaysia if you are planning to move there.

It will enable us to help you better but above all to wish you a warm welcome.

Welcome on board!

Hello Everyone. I recently left working in the Middle East as the Digital Transformation Architect for a Nation Oil Company to come to this vibrant city, and work on a few tech startups ( Whistleblowing / Concern Reporting and Knowledge Management platforms).

I've been living the expat life for many years, so much so that I feel like a tourist in the UK.

Likes: Technology,  Writing , Arts, Gym, Boxing
Hates: Fish

Hello jordanpanantha1,

Welcome to and happy new year 2022 :)

Thanks for your introduction!

I hope you are settling in smoothly in Malaysia. For any questions pertaining to life as an expat in your new host country, please feel free to create new topics on the Malaysia forum.

All the best,

Diksha team

Hi Jordan

Hello Friends - I am Dr James Nayagam -  a Child's Rights Advocate
Currently I am The chairman with Suriana Welfare  Society.An organization for the wellbeing and protection of poor children. I am glad to be part of this group
Thank you

hello im lyn currently living in johannesburg where i have been for over 30 years but have a yearning to visit malaysia and hopefully by end april may i shall be there for a holiday for ten days and just to see how things happen in that part of the world.  i am not happy any longer in sa and would love to be in a more  tranquil country such as malaysia or borneo.  thanks for this forum .  lyn

Hello Everyone,
I am Ritesh, from Kolkata city in India.
Had moved to Penang in 2018 for work and am now in KL since Jan.
Happy to connect and make new friends.

Hello. We are planning to move from Austria to Penang in July. We have a 9 year old boy who would love to meet your kids. Greetings,Mex

Hello everyone,
Recently shifted KL from New Delhi. I am here for my new assignments. Need suggestion on good hangout places and happening places around KL.
May be any Expat get together on weekends.
Looking forward.

Hello everyone,
My name is Bee, I am from Ghana, I just moved here with husband because of a job. I just finished my master's degree in environment and natural resources from the university of Iceland. I also worked in the field of environmental auditing with the Ghanaian government. My hobbies are singing, travelling, gardening and sewing .
It is great to be part of this platform.

Wow great Bee... If you like to sing let's go to karaoke some time...
New friends are welcome to join

Greetings to everyone

I am Sajid from Mumbai, India. This is my first time in Kuala Lumpur. Looking forward to connecting with you all.

My nature is friendly and outgoing and I am interested in meeting like-minded people.

Hello, I'm Ann from the Philippines.  Will he coming to Malaysia anytime soon.  Looking forward to connecting with new people.

@Julien Hi, there hope you are well.

My name is Nicole living in SA, possibly moving to Malaysia in a month.

Not sure where to start to be honest
Hi, Rebecca here . Originally from Down Under, and just very recently moved to Malaysia.  Looking forward in my new adventure culturally and socially. Cheers.
Hello All,
Am Punitha and will be moving to Malaysia in next few months on internal mobility.. I look forward to meet people.
My son is in high school giving his 10th board and am looking for a good junior college or senior secondary school in Malaysia. Please feel free to suggest.
He is in CBSE board.

Look forward!
@pen2punita me too am looking for a good highschool for my son too... French n British schools here are extremely expensive and they want vaccines while we don't ..

i heard of al-nur international school, British syllabus and nice prices.
Haven't seen it yet.
Hello everyone!

I am Gita from Indonesia. i am looking for a friend to hangout, cafes hopping, travelling and doing some sports together.
I am easy going person and looking for any chance to make friends with anyone.
Looking forward to see you guys :)
Can drop me a message :D
Hello all,

I introduce myself, I am Saul from Spain, expat in Malaysia, nice to meet you all :)

I'm Suraksha I work in a public sector bank in India. I completed my Masters in business administration from Bangalore University with specialization in Finance and operations management. I was campus recruited soon after this into the bank and since then I have been working there. Im specialised in personal and firm account management  . I manage a team of 12 and I have a keen knowledge about all banking operations. I would love to work in your country. I feel that I am equipped enough to be able to work in these banks and together learn and grow with the organisation given a chance. I'm an excellent team player and.  I love knowing new people and I adapt myself to the surroundings n people around in very short span of time. Please consider my request and help me find a job.

Thanks and regards

Suraksha S Bangera

Ph: +91 9880282116
@jamesnayagam Hi James, I know someone who needs help. Do you mind to whatsapp me at 012-3036920?

Thanks a million
Dear all,

I am new to the forum.

I am an experienced Bahasa Malaysia Language ( Malaysia National Language) and Mandarin Language trainer. I have many expatriate students who recommended me to join this Group to reach out to more people who are interesting in picking up a new language. 1f1f2-1f1fe.svg1f1f2-1f1fe.svg1f1f2-1f1fe.svg

I also enjoy cooking, baking, hope to host a potluck soon if anyone is interested.


Thank you!
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I am due to move to Malaysia in August as an English teacher. I am definitely excited but also really quite nervous!
Hello everyone!

I am an American citizen that is becoming more and more interested In Malaysia and Muslim culture in general.

I hope to learn more about Malaysia and Islam on this forum.
Hi , Izzy here from the Philippines! I'm new to Malaysia.

I hope to join one of the expat meet-ups one of these days. I hope to meet new friends here.
any expat meetups planned in upcoming days ?
I was about to ask similar question. I always see posts here mentioning people wanting to meet others. But not sure if it really happens. If someone can update if they have had the chance to meet someone else on this forum it would be great.
@Manoj Gnanaseelan

I don't know why but it seems difficult to socialize.. maybe distances , maybe weather... I've been here for 4 years and feels like i came to a different planet
@Ezra Summers hi Ezra

I suggested a group before but it doesn't seem to work

In case you guys wanna do a WhatsApp group, count me in
@jonnysilverhand83 hi Johnny

Pleased to read your message, but let me tell you, islam here and in my country are totally different... Seems like every culture takes the religion according to its norms.

But i got amazed at their honestly and transparency in business dealings and administrations... And the whole country management actually. In that, they follow islam better than any Arab country.

@Sunshine212 don't be... it's a very safe place and the dealings here are rather  satisfying. And everything is good , the diversity of food and cultures, the convenience... It's a melting pot of several cultures

@jamesnayagam hi James... Good job to help poor children

That's noble

@rebeccabrownprivate hi there

@surakshasbangeraa  hi there, the banking systems are all switching nowadays specially in fast paced country like Malaysia. I don't wanna sound negative but it's good to learn continuously new skills, so if one day AI takes over everything you'll have other fields of excellence.

Good luck 🤞

@khaolak hi my kids are 12 and 15

Hi Malaysia forum members!

I'd like to take advantage of internet anonymity (for now), but largely speaking, I may be moving to KL soon.

I come from a Big 4 professional services background in Hong Kong and I planned to move to Singapore initially, but the visa was rejected. The new employer (also a Big 4) is considering placing me in their KL office as a stop-gap and wants to try the SG visa again next year (when my profile becomes more attractive for the SG EP visa).

In all, I am super excited to move to KL!

I think random meet up won't work out. It has to be arranged based on mutual interests. For instance, sports meet up for people who are interested in sports, a movie meet up for people interested in movies.

I am currently playing Tennis with a person whom I met in this forum. Our mutual interest was Tennis, we exchanged phone numbers in DM and met in Tennis court - it was as simple as that.
@Manoj Gnanaseelan  that's a good idea. I like to think I'm interested in movies. Any good movies coming up soon?

Also, who here likes to hike and knows a good trail? Anyone who likes to swim? I can offer some swimming meet-up at my condo one Sunday. I just moved and I get kind of restless and overwhelmed in a big city.

@Ezra Summers I share same interest as you. I have sent you DM, you may check that.

Hey y'all, a quick introduction here from the San Francisco Bay Area. I'm a California native looking to possibly relocate to Kuala Lumpur with my wife and kid in the next couple years.

Been lurking here and this place seems pretty informative and is updated regularly. Looking forward to contributing here and connecting with other like minded individuals. May be taking a fact finding trip to Malaysia this coming spring when our son will be old enough to hopefully not drive the other passengers on the long haul flight to utter insanity.