Could you help me to find a person who lives in Harbin in 2008

Hi guys,

My name is Sun Yuan, and my english name was Kattie, which you gave me.
I want to find a kind family who lived (maybe still lives) in Harbin in 2008.

I couldn't remember you guy's name because I was too young. But I still remember you were so kind.
In 2008-2009, I was about 11-12 years old. My English score was too bad, and you guys were living in the same building with us. So my mum go upstairs and knocked your door. I acctually don't know how she asked you guys, because she couldn't speak English at all.... But she tried to ask you could we pay you to teach me English, and you were so kind, you said yes.

When I first came to your home, I barely speak english. At first you tried to teach me by book, then you tried to teach me language by inviting me to engage in your family events. You taught me how to bake cakes and cookies,  and all the words about kitchen. And you invite me to join your family dinner and games. I remember you guys liked playing switch...You guys even invited me to your Christmas party, and you gave me a english book as a gift.

When I was with my dad in kungtong during summer vacation, suddenly I got the news that i have to transfer to school in Shanghai. And you guys just moved to another place. You left a message to my mum, but she lost it.....Thus I lost your guys' contact.

If you could read this letter, Please contact me. I miss you guys very much, and want to know how you guys are doing.
I am now less shy, more cheerful, and have had a wonderful 12 years. And I'm in japan now for my master degree,  as you see, my english is still poor, :D
I really want to thank you for all those kind acts, you treated me as your own child.

All I could still remember is that you lived in Nangang District Taihai huayuan(Taihai Garden), having about 6 children then, and you gave me my first english name, kattie, the same name of your little daughter. One of your boys had a dog, and he walk it everyday.

Thank you very much for reading this. And if you have friend lived in Harbin, maybe you could help me to ask them if they have any clue.


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