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I am a French citizen currently living in Ireland for almost 14 years. I met my Gabonese Girlfriend on February 2021 through Internet  & we are still together since then.

We had already double check what she would need to come in Ireland as a student.

By the way, we are not married yet and I am separated from my ex wife.

I am currently have a good job in Ireland & I am renting so she won't have any problem of accomodation when she will come over.

I went many times to the Irish immigration website but they are not considering our relationship as offiicial because she still living in Gabon & I am in Ireland. We still having a long distance relationship till now.

I would like to sponsor her but I was wondering with with status (friend or something else)?

I can sponsor her as friend but do we need to send proof of whatsoever?

Thank you for your help all


Hi and welcome to the Forum.

I don't think you can apply for a family type of visa for your girlfriend, simply because you have not physically lived together for the required time (2 years); you'll find the details at this link.

Options - the student route is pretty much all I can think of; so she would need to apply for a place at an Irish University.

Hope this helps.

Expat Team

Dear sir,

Thanks for your answer, it is pretty clear now so we will apply next year as a student for her to be avle to come in Ireland.

We already found a school for her.

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