New member..we are considering a move to Ireland

Hello we are a British couple who have been living permanently in France since October 2014. We are considering a big move and are attracted to Ireland for many reasons.

When we moved to France from the UK in 2014 we admittedly made many mistakes, despite several trips over to check out various areas and properties.

We ended up buying a renovation project in Charente in the south west of the country.  What we underestimated was the (for us) severe heat of the Charente summers with 40 plus degrees celsius not uncommon for days on end. We could not do the horticulture we wanted to do and so decided to finish our project and move again within France. Luckily we sold at a profit and decided to rent over in a different area. We moved over to Limousin and the north western edge of the Massif Central. This area in central France is much higher up (500 to 1000 metres asl) with more rain, greener; cooler summers and colder winters. Our thinking was that the altitude would help with the hot summers this far south in France.

Due to various circumstances we did not purchase a property here until summer 2020 and again a complete a massive renovation. Now are now wondering if we want to go ahead with such a huge project. I have always missed many elements of UK culture and the way of life.

In the UK myself and my partner Jacqueline lived in often remote and rugged places such as Snowdonia in Wales; Aberystwyth in Mid Wales and also for a time the Scottish Highlands. We were lucky to live close to vibrant and interesting communities.  Due to Brexit and other reasons we would not consider a move back to the UK now.

We have both visited Ireland and are particularly attracted to the rugged south west (Kerry/Cork). We love mountains, and wild scenery and also the coast.
We consider ourselves quite ecolocially minded and would love to find a small but hidden away property (to modernise/renovate) with a couple of acres were we can grow and create a garden. If there are like minded people in the area then all the better.

For us Ireland offers many attractions. We could remain living in an EU country with the same currency; having one shared language (English) as well as Gaelic would also make life easier especially for me as I have struggled with learning French. I think the climate would suit us much better as it is softer. Yes we know all about the rain having lived in Snowdonia and Scotland! I believe that Ireland would have less extremes than the Massif Central and would overall be easier for growing. We had frosts here in June this year and can have snow as early as October!

Where we live is extremely rural, which we are used to, but I think that extremely rural in France is very different to extremely rural in Wales, Scotland or Ireland. At least in our experience. We would like to live within a reasonable distance of a vibrant community.

We would like to know about your experiences of moving to Ireland. The property prices in Kerry seem comparable (maybe a bit higher) to our part of France. I have read that the cost of living is quite high and that the health service is pretty good with the need for private insurance (same as France).Which areas would you recommend given our desire to be in rugged and mountainous area. I have read some good comments about Leitrim in the north? Which areas are good for horticulture and gardens?

What is internet coverage like. We are in the depths of rural Correze yet for over a year have had access to fibre.

Anyway any advice you can give would be extremely helpful?

Kind regards Paul and Jacqueline, Correze, France.

Hi and welcome to the Forum.

As British passport holders, under the Common Travel Area Agreement between Ireland and the UK, you have the right to live and work anywhere in Ireland; you can read all about it on the UK Gov website; this link will take you straight there.

The Numbeo website provides a lot of information related to many Countries and  city's/town's within them; this link will take you straight to the page for Ireland.

With regards to Internet coverage, my experience was that it was pretty good, but that's going back a few years now; my advice would be to go over there before you make any decision to move and check such things out for yourself.

We also have an Ireland Guide on this Forum (top left of the page in the Discover section); I'd recommend you read that, then if you have any further specific questions, please come back to us.

Hope this helps.

Expat Team

Hello there. Thank you for your comments and the links. I am only familiar with Kerry and West Cork as I have not been to other parts of Ireland. I loved Kerry in the south, particularly the rugged mountain areas and peninsulas. We have also been suggested to consider Donegal, Sligo and Leitrim.

We don't have a huge budget for property, but we would be happy with a smallish and simple house (to modernise/renovate) and maybe some outbuildings, preferably hidden away in the hills in a very quiet spot. Land is important to us with about an acre or maybe a bit more (1 hectare) being ideal. I believe that Kerry and Cork have higher property prices than the other areas we mentioned.

We are ecological in outlook so would be interested to know of like minded communities in Ireland. My partner does online work here in France but it is transferable as she works in English.

We are in our early to mid 50's so we feel it is the right time to make the move before we get any older!

Kind regards Paul and Jackie

I live offshore Mayo after living in West Cork, Kerry, Donegal, Leitrim in my well- over 20 years here.
For me Mayo is perfect; I rent though.

Have a look at property sales websites?

There is a wide variety. I find Mayo less built up than elsewhere. More space. The West coast area especially. I lived here when I first was in Ireland and was very happy to come back . I feel I can breathe here 

Yes to  growing. Very much so,

Here if you want more info. I am actually on a small offshore island, which was another lifelong dream,  but I know this part of Mayo very well. From Achill/Westport up to Ballina. Nowhere lovelier

PS I have excellent internet coverage out here with a small local firm called Westnet.  24/7 and the best by far I have ever had in Ireland.

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