In the beginning...

My wife (Jewish, with newly discovered post-Holocaust family members in Israel) and I (retired Unitarian Universalist minister) are looking at a move to Israel sometime between 2022 and 2024. We hope to make a short visit at least once, COVID permitting, in late Spring or early Summer of 2022.

Our non-work interests are live theater, painting, ballroom dancing, running, music, walking. Neither of us speaks Hebrew; only American English. We are basically city people. We figure on, at some point before a move, living in an Air B'n'B or some kind of rental for several months, the better to get the feel of Tel Aviv and surrounding areas, the better to make location choices.

Taking an airbnb in various cities to try them is a good idea, this is what my parents did (they started in Jerusalem then finally decided on Zichron Yaakov which has the Alma performing arts center that may interest you). You might also be intstd in Pardes Hana/Karkur but if you are dedicated city people then I suppose its between Haifa, Jlem, and Tel Aviv