Moving to Singapore solo

Hello everybody,

Moving to Singapore is a challenge in itself, but even more when you decide to go alone. If this was your case when you arrived, we would like you to share your experience. It might help other people who are also preparing for this new life in Singapore.

Do you have any tips for people who are about to move to Singapore on their own? Is the country suitable, for instance, for a single woman?

What was your state of mind when you arrived in Singapore?

What type of accommodation did you choose: house-share, self-contained accommodation or apartment complex?

How did your integration go once settled? Do you think that being alone made it easier to make friends?

Did you encounter any particular difficulties, being alone when you arrived? If you had to do it all over again, would you take a chance?

Thank you for your contribution!

Cheryl, team

Singapore is amongst one of the safest and developed economies globally. Standard of living is high but so is the proportion to expenses.

If you are alone (even if you are a woman), you don’t really have to worry about anything particularly. Get a decent job, that pays enough to pay your bills and enough room to save, given SG can get overly expensive with rented accommodations. Most expats shell a large part of  their salary towards rental, also kids education- that ain’t remotely cheap.

I opted for a condominium towards the East given its proximity to the Changi Airport and my job, which required me to travel often. However, after about 2 years Covid kicked in, travel faded away.

As singles, one can opt for one bed suites or sharing accommodations which work out to be relatively cheaper compared to a full unit. CBD side is overly and abnoxiously expensive compared to East or even West coast side.

You can look up for accommodations on property guru portal before you get to SG, see what fits in your budget and opt for a virtual tour to firm up a place if keen, agents are pretty helpful that ways.

Public amenities and infrastructure is brilliant, most residential accommodations are near MRTs or have a bus stop around, commute is pretty decent and inexpensive- else just opt for a Grab.

Social life pre-Covid was pretty lively and SG had great night life too. Things are pretty dead after 10:30 pm now but if you are looking at making friends or socialising, SG won’t disappoint you.

Neighbours etc are pretty conservative compared to some countries, you need to make  an effort to interact, gel along well which is fair- you start as a stranger and make friends. Great schools for kids, tropical weather all year long, diameter of 34-35 Kms that makes any place reachable within tops 30-35 mins utmost if you driving. But yeah, cars are super expensive- Govt wants you to use public transport and avoid congesting the roads. Low taxation, high skilled workforce which makes this the financial capital and corporate HQ favourite for managing APAC operations for most companies.

To summarize, SG has everything that you need to live a great life and a peaceful one at that. Commute to SEA countries is a cake walk. Law and order is pretty strict, respect the laws of the land and you don’t have to worry about anything else. Lastly, since it was specifically asked, for women, this is a great country to reside.

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