Salary release while switching from 1 employer to another

Will be switching from current employer to the new one with two week notice period.
Current HR says that she would sum up all the salary and benefits post it to IRS and then get eligible tax from IRS, deduce it from the sum and pay the balance to me. This could take 3-4weeks.
Is this the normal process? I have no experience in switching here.
Please advise.

Yes, this is the normal process and compulsory if the employee leaves Singapore.
Whether in your case, since you are not leaving, it could be done differently? I don't know - ask IRAS!

In my experience, when you move jobs, current employers are to clear any/ all outstanding taxes by deducting dues to the employee and paying directly to IRAS, any deficit has to be paid immediately by the employee. You would receive e-letters/ notifications on the tax computations and amount due.

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