Getting Foreign Vaccine here in China ?

Is there anyway to get one of the American or foreign vaccines here in China  ? I would prefer it.Because we might be return home in the near future.We thought it might avoid any problems.We tried to get the Chinese vaccine.But ran into problems trying to get it.I would be willing to pay extra for it.

The UK and US have both announced they will accept Chinese vaccines.
The link is on the Indonesia section but I'm on my phone so not easy to post at the moment.

The mRNA "vaccines" offered in the United States are NOT vaccines at all. They alter your DNA in such a way so that your body will be immune to the targeted virus(es).

China does not approve in the use of mRNA injections because [1] the injected person can still carry the virus, and it can still mutate within his / her body, [2] there is an evidence that the mRNA changes induce other body effects that cause a decrease in immunity. [3] Long term testing done by the Chinese indicates that dangerous side effects will occur in large percentages of the population.

Because of this, mRNA injections are not permitted inside of mainland China. Instead, the traditional "dead host" vaccines are offered. They are safe, stable, and available for free.

If, however, you desire to take the mRNA injections instead of a traditional vaccine, then you can go to Hong Kong. It is my understanding that they offer mRNA injections to those willing to pay for them. The same is true with Taiwan.

In any event, stay safe. Remember that wearing a mask is not to protect you from the virus shedding from others, but rather to prevent you unknowingly infecting others. Continue washing hand and face discipline. Separate outside clothes from inside clothes and avoid large crowds of people.

Leaving the safe streets of China, for the virus cesspool that the USA has become, is a brave move. Please be safe. I can tell you that my brother (In Boulder, CO) had Coronavirus Delta and was in bed for a month hallucinating. My first cousin died from it in Pittsburgh. She was five years younger than me. So it is nothing to take for granted. Be safe.

I myself have had two Sinovac dead host injections, and will get my third next month.

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