Flakey Paint

Hi I will be moving from France to Spain Valencia area in December. Having viewed lots of properties online. Can anyone tell why so many feature flakey Paint on interior walls. Is it no damp course. Old style distemper paint or another problem. Thanks in advance.

I've been in Valencia city just over a year and I suspect it's probably to do with a lack of maintenance over the years and/or effort on the part of people advertising flats as they don't want to make any changes first (I haven't been looking at houses which are usually in the region not the city).

The flat I rent was newly renovated but the building was constructed in the 60s (at a guess) and there is no insulation or heating. In very heavy rain there are damp patches on the internal side of walls, and friends who live in much more recent constructions say the same. In winter it's freezing inside and there's a lot ofcondenstation. For houses, especially older ones, it could be that there are no damp proof courses but there might be the same problems that affect flats. It's also very humid here and in less than a year metal implements that I brought with me have lightly rusted when left exposed.

Also, I think property in Valencia is getting much more interest because it's cheaper than Barcelona, Madrid, Ibiza, or Mallorca etc whilst giving a decent lifestyle. I look online quite often and think that people are looking to sell or rent regardless of the condition of the property so as to take advantage and that means they don't bother painting/decorating beforehand. It seems to be the same in many other places, not just Valencia.

Hi i live in sagunto in an old spanish house and its not damp at all , i always have all the windows open whereas the spanish seem alergic to fresh air ! Its a very welcoming area and i am sure you will love it ! Ask any questions

The Spanish know that the Brits love rustic old Spanish properties, so there is actually a special flakey paint they sell, which gives it that authentic run-down renovation-project feel that we crave. :-)

Strong advice. Don't rent without seeing the house/condo in person. You won't be seeing the mold in photos because it's cheap to throw a fresh paint to cover it. What happens with a freshly painted damp wall? It will start to look flaky. Come, rent an Air BnB for a week and go see the homes, smell the air quality inside and then decide. We didn't do that and now we're battling the humidity and the smell with 3 dehumidifiers. Best of luck.

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