Taxes of money loan from privat person

Hi, I’m not resident of Portugal yet. I’m on way to get NIF number after that I will create bank account and the looking for a apartment.
I want to loan money from privat person and the question is what tax I need to pay?

Not quite an answer to the question you asked.
Before buying I borrowed some money from a friend just in case additional issues like building work were needed (it wasn't needed). The issue I faced with this was proving that it was not money laundering, now there is an additional issue as for some incoming residents need to prove they have funds to support themselves and having someone else's money in your account may look suspicious.

No one and nobody.. there are NO LAWS sayingvyou have to account for every penny in your account as farxas anyone is concerned you won the money on a bet . A debt someone owed you.  Agift from a friend or 2 or 3 . Your wife gave it o you your son or daughter gave it you .. and the onlybreason forvthem to abuse all low level bank customers is to keep you down and thd rich richer and help them collect unwarranted tax and to bully ppl into submission ..
Not very many smaller bank customers .. do money laundering .. which they have changed the definition and parameters in recent years .. tell the bank to fcuk off

Unless they can PROVE.. you do not have to prove any wrong doing with a allegation. they have to prove intention. And as you still have the money in the account  withdraw it and do not let them see on your visa card what you use it on ..they should not abuse brexit  ( you can also simply say the money is a axcumulation of savings under your mattress )

Has this actually been answered? I understand the question as the poster wants to lend someone else money and will receive interest? If that's correct then logically money will be taxed as interest. How may depend on where the money was lent, person lent to based and flowing from that whether NHR applies etc

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