Investing in a holiday home (Apartment) Algarve

Dear All,
I like Algarve. I have visited Lagos, Albufeira, Faro couple of times. I am contemplating investing in a holiday apartment in / around Algarve.

My plan is to rent the apartment out to individual holiday makers, couples during holiday / summer seasons and also stay there for few days in a year (off season).

Has any of you tried this? I would like to hear your experiences / pointers regarding:
- Is investment of 220k - 250k€ practical?
- What is the typical occupancy rate? What are the maintenance costs to anticipate?
- How do you manage it remotely, in case you are not permanently moved (yet) to Portugal?
- what are the reasons NOT to invest in Algarve?

LG Leo

Hi Leonard, Welcome :)

If you don't reside full-time in your Algarve villa or apartment, it's often sensible to appoint a management company to look after your property.

Please search on web "Property Management & Rentals + Algarve"

Eg. … ntals.aspx … management


Real State Agencies/Websites/Portals in Portugal

Hi @JohnnyPT. Thanks for the references. I will go through them.
LG Leo

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