Repatriation cost for EP and DP holders

Hello all ,

I am an EP holder with 2 associated DP holders ( family) I have resigned from my job and returning back to my home country.

I understand from MoM website that in such instances the return flight ticket must be borne by the employer unless the employee has consented to not avail that privilege (in writing )

My questions-

Is this rule valid and have anyone gone through this
Is the flight tickets applicable for on the EP holder or related DP as well.

Thanks in advance

I have never heard of such an obligation by the employer - and I don't think it exists (unless this is specifically written in the contract, as is the case for some classical expats at end of contract). Why would they pay for your trip home if it was your choice, not theirs?!?
I believe you refer to this article: … older-home
As far as I know, this applies only to people repatriated by the authorities due to COVID-related issues. But you may contact MoM to ask - and post the result here for us to learn!

Flight expenses etc are borne by a company only if they have it in your employment contract. There isn’t any such rule else as far as I know, unless it is a Foreign Domestic Worker.

Shekhz: This was my understanding, too. But the MoM webpage I linked above is worded ambiguously, so the question is justified.

Hi Shekhz and Beppi.

Thank you for taking time out on your weekend to revert . I have raised this with HR and they are checking it , not sure if I can call up MoM to verify this rule , but shall try.

However I am aware of a friend of mine asking for this and having got it paid by the company , it says it is the duty of an employer to make sure an expat is send out of the country if he is willing to leave

Thanks again

Hello All ,

thought to let you know that the idea I proposed about expat repatriation is valid  , after a few weeks of discussion with NTUC and company legal , Hr advised me they will be responsible for flight tickets back home for EP and DPs.  You may note that it was not mentioned or agreed in my contract but it is deemed as a rule.

Hope this helps for anyone in a similar situation.


Interesting insight

Hi, yes I’ve been through the same. Although I didn’t have any DP holder tied to my employment pass. But yes, they are required by MOM to bear the cost whether or not you resigned or was retrenched or was fired.

Thanks, PP and Princess, for posting this!
It seems to be a new regulation and many employees and employers do not know about it. Therefore it's worth spreading the word!

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