Us Tourist VS Colombia Tax Resident

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I have a question regarding tourist.  Seems like you can stay in Colombia up to 180 days per calendar year.  Actually, according to the US State Department site you could stay 180 days as a tourist in 2021 and return in 2022 for another 180 days with no tax liability. 

Some members have posted that if you stay in Colombia 183 days or more in any 365 day period you are a considered a resident for tax purposes.  On the DIAN site that only applies to Colombia  Nationals, not tourists. 

Could you please advise your thoughts on this issue?


It appears somebody mis-read or misunderstood the Spanish legalese on a DIAN web page.

Please copy the relevant excerpt onto this thread and Osage or I will endeavor to translate.

cccmedia in Ipiales, Nariño

Thanks for the reply.  I used the link Osage supplied in a post. 

I copied the link from one of Osage’s post.

Colombian nationals are considered Residents for tax purposes in Colombia if they meet any of the following conditions:

1. Remain continuously or discontinuously in the country for more than one hundred and eighty-three (183) calendar days including days of entry and exit from the country, during any period of three hundred sixty-five (365) consecutive calendar days, with the understanding that When the continuous or discontinuous stay in the country falls for more than one year or taxable period, the person will be considered a Resident from the second year or taxable period.

The DIAN site does not state US Tourists it applies to Colombian Nationals.  So as in the past a US tourist can stay 180 days within a calendar year or 180  days in 2021 and 180 days in 2022 and not be considered a tax resident. 

In other words you could stay over 183 days within a 365 day period between 2021-2022 and not be a tax resident.

I believe the rule was misinterpreted and only applies to Colombian Nationals and not US Citizens.

You dont listen / if you live in colombia 183 days you file DIAN taxes - everybody gringo expats everybody - whats your problem

No / you dont understand the word 'resident' - thete is temporary green cards and yes there resident visas issued after 5 years with clean record

Instead of insults maybe you should consider actual DIAN rules and Regulations rather then your opinion.

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