request information on yearly rental/lease agreement needed for D7

Dear guys, I hope you are doing well.

D7, as some of you might have already faced, is requiring a yearly rental agreement. Super tricky, as the timelines on arrival are so unclear, which would result in paying rent for an empty apartment or room.

I don't have any close friends to ask for a term of responsibility favor, so I'm on my own with very limited funds due to the fun covid times...

I wonder if any of you has found a way around this? Perhaps renting a place from Airbnb or Flatio for a few months and asking the owner to sign a year contract?

Any help on this would mean the world right now, as I see it as a significant challenge.
Thank you for your time and I hope by now your process is running smoothly.


Hi Kristin, Welcome :)

Hope this will help you:

Evidence that the applicant has adequate accommodation … 42#5123520
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Kind Regards

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