Moving to Umbria in the summer of next year

Hi there,

I am an Italian woman from Rome  who has lived in California for the past 40 years. I am planning to move next year  to Umbria and I am looking for a place to live( to rent initially) where I can possibly find other Americans. I am over 65 years old but I am very active and energetic. Since i have lived so many years abroad it is very important to me to relocate in an area where there is an international group of people.
I would very much appreciate any informations I could get in that regard.  Also, I would prefer to live in an area which is well connected to Rome and other cities via trains, should I decide not to go by car.
I hope i am using the right space and site to post this.
Thank you so much

Hi Anna,
I would recommend Chuisi and Fabro both have trains to Rome. Chuisi has the high speed links as well as regional so getting anywhere from there by train is very easy and our preferred transport to the cities . Naturally all the surrounding towns like, Citta della Pieve are just a short dive to  the station and additional services.
Hope this helps

Passignano sul Trasimeno is worth a look. Many rentals, train with easy connection to Perugia, and a lot of English speakers. On the lake with a ferry. Busses. A large mall located a short train ride away. Local trekking club.

Thank you so much for the informations. I will definitely look it up on line tomorrow. Anna

i've considered many of the same requirements you have and I've decided that Orvieto would suit me the best.

:) good is ok

Thanks  for the informations. I was in Orvieto many years ago, but I truly do not remember what it looks like. Even though I am not young anymore, I do not like getting bored  and therefore I want to make sure there is an American community over there, or at least people from different countries.
Making the right choice is not easy, especially when you are not very familiar with a place.

Orvieto's historic centre has a charm similar to Tuscan towns like Siena or Lucca. Absolutely stunning!

But the thing that won me over is: the gentleman whose property I'll be buying used to commute to Rome for work until recently. Imagine that. You could be having an early evening aperitivo with friends in Rome and hop on the train and still make it home to Orvieto in time for dinner. How convenient is that? Think of the proximity to amenities such as international airpots, specialised medical attention (should you require it) and a cosmopolitan, international crowd.

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