My EP got rejected

Hi guys

My EP got rejected and I'm not sure about the reason. I changed my Job and pass was upgraded from S to EP.

Good luck in your search for another job. Are you planning to apply in other countries?

Nope , HR will go for appeal.

What are the chances to get the EP appeal approval ?

What are main key points for the success of EP appeal?


Could you please guide me EP Rejection appeal format ?

I'm considering to enclose last 6 months salary slip , bank statement and Tax Assessment.

Currently I'm on S pass and my basic pay is low.. However , after allowances my gross salary jumps to near EP Salary.

Pla guide me.

You (or rather, the employer) has to find out the rejection reason from MoM.
Only then a good appeal can be prepared. Without it, it's a waste of time.
Attaching salary slips and tax assessments are useless (MoM already has that data) and bank statements only if MoM asks for them (which is rare).

Hi Beppi

Thanks for your reply.

MOM stated its due to the significant increase in the Salary.

Currently, I'm on S pass and my basic is low, however, I'm entitled to the OT and Shift Allowances and hence my Gross Salary is in the range of 5300.

My new employer is offering me EP with a Salary of 6560 as a Senior Consultant, so considering my Gross Salary there is an increment of 24% in my Salary.

In appeal, we are stating about my experiences, Skills sets

Could you please guide me if there is the best format and Documents for the Appeal so that I can recommend those to the Hr?

Thanks again for your kind help.

Just FYI, only fixed salary is considered. You can’t state that I drew X fixed + Y variable in my previous job, now am getting only 10% increase on X+Y.

Other important factors include experience, acquired skills, roles and responsibilities.

Thanks, So if only considering Fixed Basic Salary then there is a very high increment. I'm worried if again MOM rejects my application.

I Will inform Hr to submit all my experience letters, Resume etc. Hopefully, MOM considers the appeal

Meanwhile, requests for more advice and guideline.

As we wrote in other threads, the employer must justify hiring you, even at the (in MoM's eyes) inflated pay - e.g. by giving strategic reasons why you are essential for their company development (best if that creates more local jobs in the medium or long term).
Just stating that you do deserve the offered pay (and thus telling MoM that their assessment was wrong) will not help - they will stick to their opinion (and thus reject again)!

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