Road bump. Anyone gone through this?

Hi all!  Hope your journeys with Portugal are goin well. We have hit an odd road bump.  Wanted to know if you knew anyone here may have experience something similar.  I am looking for advice specifically from someone who has gone through this.   We went through the entire application D7 process, were approved and were mailed our residency cards to our new home that we bought in Portugal--however, we had to travel for family reasons back to the states for a few weeks.  Our cards came while we were away, certified mail. We were not there to pick them up and they have been returned to SEF.  Has anyone here encountered this in the past?  Any idea what next steps would be?

Thanks for any insight!

Hi sir I am shafiq form pakistan can you please help me about visa in Portugal

M. shafiq wrote:

Hi sir I am shafiq form pakistan can you please help me about visa in Portugal

Read other posts for information.
Go to Discover top of this page and open the Portugal Guide.

@ Michael,

When the person who receives the registered post doesn't pick it up at the post office within the defined time period (I think it's 20 days), the letter is returned to the sender (in this case the SEF). 

You should contact the SEF in the Algarve: … garve.aspx

Hi does anyone know what is going to happen with getting the biometric cards from SEF which according to the newspaper have been disbanded, we are due our first 5yr residency card as we only have our residency papers at the moment, we keep getting mixed info everytime we try to find out anything.
Any info gratefully received

good question.  i think you might want to post it as a separate question.  otherwise, it will get swallowed up here in the thread of my post.

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