S Pass rejection

My S Pass application was applied on 5th October 2021 and it was rejected yesterday. The reason for rejection has been started as one or more qualifications are questionable.
My qualifications were verified by RMI before the application was initiated. RMI had verified details of my masters degree from a premier law institute in India and had given it as green indication. Apart from that, RMI had verified a professional qualification that I had done in Singapore, for which it had given amber indication, stating that the institute is not listed in MOE. The collage in India is listed in the drop down list in SAT, but not the institute in Singapore.
The employer is a law firm.
I want to understand what can be the way forward in this situation.
Thank you.

The SG institute which isn’t recognized is the issue here, you may want to check with MoM through your employer as to what the next steps should be- by the looks of it, the qualification is questionable and hence the application as is won’t get approved.

Thanks Shekhz…will approach the employer

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