Which is the best country to study english in Europe?

Hi everyone,

As you know, it is lot easier to learn a foreign language in a country where it is spoken. I´d like to ask you about the best country to study english in Europe.
Does anyone suggest a school ?
All advices will be welcomed.
Thanks in advance,

You must go to England...

Yes it is supposed that England, USA and Australia are the best countries, but are also countries where the level of life is a lot more expensive.

I think another chance for example is go to asia, Im in Bangkok for example, and here you can find people from all the countries of the world, of course lots of english and americans, and language use to speak between us is english.

And here I didnt have the same troubles to start to live that I would had in England, since live in Thailand is a lot more cheap.

And in that way you can also enjoy with a real difrent culture to the ones you could find in Europe, and live in an endless summer.

The best place to study english if you are on a budget, is in South Africa. You will find that living is cheap, getting a visa is easy, classes are cheap, people speak english, tv is (mostly) in english. In Europe the only please to go to learn english is England, Irland or Scotland. Also consider what accent you want to end up with before you decide, there are a big difference in how english is being spoken.

Regards Sarah

Thanks for sharing your experience.


Unfortunately i cannot agree with Sarah saying that only in those countries you can study English because there are many countries where you can learn it.
I am coming from Romania and there in the big cities more than half of the people are speaking English, even there are schools which are only in English.

Yes, I agree with Coca.

Since there are so many native speakers around the world, specialy in the big cities, it is possible to learn english from a native speaker in many places from the world.

So... just choose your favourite place and go !! ;)

If you got no problems with money, United Kingdom, without any doubt!!! At University level, they speak politely and S L O W L Y. On the street, in parties and social life you´ll catch up with slang and so on.
Seriously, many other countries have English as language but all except the UK expect you to speak it with their accent and speed.
London used to be bloody expensive but nowadays is rather reasonable. Worth to experience, believe me and for God´s sake don´t get romantically involved with a non-native speaker because you´ll end up creating your own English dialect... hehehe
Best lucK!

I do agree with you.

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Thanks everyone for kindly answering!!

As an English man I'd say England, but only if you've got some money and are up for living in the cold. I loved Australia and the students I taught there loved it too. I'd have stayed there if it was closer to home. Ireland would be pretty cool too, but expensive. Depends what you want from your experience?

I live in Malta, and there are many English schools here. A lot of people choose to study English in Malta because it's one of the official languages (Malta was a British colony for 150 years), and because it's a cheaper and sunnier place to study and live than the UK, the Americas, or Oceania.

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Hello, I wanted to know if there were a particular accent in Malta, because my connotation in English is really bad. It will be easier if people are speaking very well in  English. I would like to away 6 months for progress in the language, Do you have any addresses for studies, jobs to recommend me?

Yes, there is a very distinct Maltese accent, and the pronunciation of local names can be difficult to understand as they are in Maltese which is a blend of languages and unique.
If you are trying to improve your English skills Malta may not be an ideal place study.
good luck

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