Retired and looking to settle down in Venezia / Veneto / Camponogara

Hello everyone,

My wife and I are residents of Germany and we are already retired. We have visited Italy on numerous vacations. We love the Country, the People, and the Culture. I'm a German Citizen by birth (my wife is American) and I actually have an Italian Cousin who lives in the Veneto Region (Venice).
Her Family has convinced us that moving to Italy is much better than traveling there for just a couple of weeks every year.

We are by no means rich or even well to do. Our modest retirement of less than 2000 Euro per month allows us to live fine, but not with many extras or even having a lot of fun by going out. It's just a decent income to live with, no more and no less.

For the past 8 weeks we have been looking for information about all of the important things that we need to know, but there are so many millions of tourism links and country "locked" internet portals, that it is almost impossible to find the nitty gritty *ITALIAN* information that we need, if we were living in Italy full time. That's why we decided to start using once again, since we found this site quite helpful when we were researching life in Equador.

My wife has numerous health issues, so healthcare is definitely important. We own a home here in Germany. Once we sell this and pay off our mortgage, we should have apx. 100.000 Euros available for a home in Italy. We want to live in the region of Camponogara because we fell in love with this region (specifically the little village of Prozzolo) and it is not too far away from my cousin with wom we will be spending a lot of time after we move to Italy.

Sadly, my cousin can not help very much because of the language barrier and more importantly because she has never bought or sold or fixed up a piece of property. She is a home-maker so there is also very limited knowledge about taxation, and other important costs. My wife and I have purchased properties in the US and also in Germany. During the past 25 years we've built 2 homes from the ground up and we have remodeled six homes completely (I have many skills for home construction with all of the tools). We have also built two apartments as additions to existing homes.
We speak English & German languages fluently, have begun to learn Italian, and are avid users of deepl.
Within the next couple of months I'll be here, asking a lot of questions.
Thanks for reading this. Have a wonderful day.

I don't have any extra tips or info for you, but there is a Youtuber who talks about moving and living in Italy, maybe he can help you answer a couple question:

And if you prefer to search and not click a link, type: Rafael Di Furia - Not Your Average Globetrotter


Thank you very much. I did a search and it looks like I might be able to find a lot of helpful information.  :)

I would consider carefully before moving into Italy: taxation is quite heavy, gas/electricity bills are already quite pricey and about to go up, sanitary system a bit trickey (a lot of bureaucracy as in EVERYWHERE else). The good side is that if you fail to comply in time there is nearly always a blind eye. Public transport a massive failure and overpopulation in the North - although I don't quite know your part of Veneto, I live in Milan.  I am here should you need any further info.

Thank you, Rosella.
We think it should not be so difficult for us.
We have been to Italy several times on vacation and my Cousin is a born Italian native. That is why we wish to move close to here, in the region of Venice and more specifically Camponogara.

My wife and I have been on the Internet as professionals for over 30 years. For people who shop online and communicate online with organizations by using sites like deepl, everything becomes much easier.

Keep in mind ... 50+ years ago people made such moves without knowing the language, without having relatives in place, and without the technology & translation abilities that we have available today. So with the Internet we have already found out about electric cost which is almost identical to Germany, we have a car that will not require Italian inspection until the Summer of 2023, we already have International drivers licenses, and so on. We have moved across the ocean with a household container for goods & furnishings three times and one of those times we even moved a vehicle across the ocean for us.

Our biggest problem will be finding a home that we can afford. But we are working on that as well ... even though we won't be moving to Italy for at least another 6 months or so. Again, thank you for your thoughts.   :)

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