Us man needs help with retirement

Hey fellow expats my name is Michael.  I have a question i plan to move to france and i want to know if im a freelancer running my own business in france can i contribute to a American Ira OR Roth Ira even though i work in france ?.

Still have 10 years of work left before i retire need to keep putting money int Social Security and Ira Or Roth, can i do this working for myself in France ???

Thank you for your replies in advance.

Hi Michael,
Have you checked with your tax counselor?
My guess is that you will be able to pay your IRA or ROTH IRA from France.
The question is: what will the French taxman requires from you?
I met a lawyer from California who worked online and he was definitely paying the IRA in the States.
Ask your tax counsellor or lawyer and go on the French consulate website in the US, you should find there advises on taxes.
Take care,

Thanks for your reply, im trying to ask a Tax person this question, no one is calling me back at the moment.  I think i will contact the French embassy in Los Angeles and ask them also.

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