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For 2 weeks been trying by phone and email to contact the Embassy for an Appointment for non lucrative visa am getting absolutely nowhere no response from them the phone calls are cut off after 3 or 4 minutes anyone out there any ideas? Frustrated Chris from Cornwall

Hi Chris

This is a common problem with Embassies and Consulates worldwide. They do not need you; it is you that needs them. You are not a paying customer and therefore just an inconvenience to them.

Your last resort may be to doorstep them, take your flask and sandwiches with you.

Spanish government workers in Cornwall 😂😂😂😂 or anywhere else in their mundo mundial for that …..that’s funny Good luck 👍

walkerc22 wrote:

For 2 weeks been trying by phone and email to contact the Embassy for an Appointment for non lucrative visa am getting absolutely nowhere no response from them the phone calls are cut off after 3 or 4 minutes anyone out there any ideas? Frustrated Chris from Cornwall

Maybe Email them?

Cheers will get my flask out when I return U.K. next week!!

Are you in the UK? In the US we can only make those appointments online. they NEVER answer the phone.

Hi Chris,

The first part of the application process is to get an appointment IN THE UK by sending an e-mail to the following address: [email protected] (London)

Continue reading at … ence-visa/ | The One Stop Problem Shop

Thanks Vicki I have sent 3 emails using that address but other than a standard acknowledgment each time nothing!! IMy first email address as sent on 23rd September.

My guess is that (a) Embassies are always a bit on the tardy side, (b) Covid has slowed down appointments/processing, so they have a backlog. And (c) you possibly didn't comply with their detailed instructions, so they ignored your email. :-)

If you sent to the correct email address, following EXACTLY their requirements, then I think you just need to be patient. I doubt it's worth the hassle of calling/writing/visiting. But... if no reply after 2 or 3 weeks, perhaps send exactly the same email again, but with additional note along the lines of "follow-up application, first applied on XX/XX/YYYY without reply."

This official Embassy instructions are here (in Spanish): … 0ES-EN.pdf

Google has kindly translated the main instructions. You should note you need separate appointments per process/person.


To obtain appointments, interested parties must make their request through the following procedure:

Send an email to the following address: [email protected]

In the SUBJECT, they must specify the type of residence visa they wish to apply for.

In the TEXT of the message they must state:

- PERSONAL DATA of the applicant (full name, nationality, passport number and contact telephone number).
- TYPE OF residence VISA they wish to apply for.
- REASON for which they wish to request it.
- PLACE OF RESIDENCE in the United Kingdom.
- DATE on which they wish to obtain an appointment at the General Consulate for processing, exclusively on TUESDAY and FRIDAY.

The date and time of the appointments obtained will be confirmed to those interested by email.

Applicants who do not plan to keep their appointment are kindly requested to cancel as soon as possible.

No request without an appointment will be attended, each appointment being for a single person, so the family members accompanying the applicant wishing to apply for a visa need to book an additional appointment.

This Consulate General will not be able to accept appointments that are not requested according to the procedure previously exposed.

I used a Spanish lawyer in UK who was (and probably still is) an Honorary Consul for Spain.

He got our NIEs before we went to Spain.

And I'd guess (if you're happy to pay a lawyer) he can give advice on the visa process, or assist with your application.

When you do (finally!) get an appointment, you need to have your application and supporting documents ready to submit.

The above link has detailed requirements (and link for the application form) for this visa. You should note that some documents require legalisation and certified translations which takes extra time. In particular, you need to arrange medical cover (private Spanish policies tend to be expensive), and take note of the financial requirements (approx. 2,300 euros monthly income, or 28,000 euros in savings for the main applicant, more if supporting family members).

Again, Google has come to our aid:


At the time of application, you must present a photocopy of all the original documents that you want to see are returned at the end of the procedure. This Consulate does not make photocopies.

1. Completed, dated and signed national visa form. It can be downloaded free of charge on the website: … l%20ES.pdf

2. Recent passport photograph with a white background. You can find information about the requirements that you must comply with in the ICAO document. This Consulate does not accept digital retouching in identity photographs.

3. Valid passport or travel document, recognized as valid in Spain. It must be valid for a minimum of one year and at least two blank pages. Photocopy of all the pages of the passport.

4. Valid UK residence permit and photocopy. Only if you do not have British nationality.

5. Criminal record certificate (only in the case of persons over 18 years of age, criminal age in Spain). Issued by the country or countries where the applicant has resided in the five years prior to filing of the visa application. It cannot be older than 3 months, unless the certificate specify a different expiration. For UK criminal records present the ACRO certificate. These certificates must be legalized through the consular representations of the issuing country, or have the The Hague Apostille in the case of signatory countries of the Hague Convention of October 5, 1961 (except official documents issued by a Member State of the European Union, which will not need
legalization). A sworn translation into Spanish is also required.

6. Public or private health insurance arranged with an insurer authorized to operate in Spain.

7. Medical Certificate, issued by a registered doctor, at most during the 3 months prior to the presentation of the visa application, it must be formulated in the following terms or similarly:

If the certificate is issued in the United Kingdom: “This health certificate states that Mr./Mrs. (...) does not suffer from any of the diseases that may have serious public health repercussions in accordance with what is stipulated by the International Health Regulations of 2005 "

Certificates issued in a language other than Spanish must be accompanied by a sworn translation into Spanish. This Consulate does not provide information about the medical centers that issue such a certificate. You can go to any duly accredited public or private medical center in the territory of the UK or Spain. Medical certificates issued in countries other than the United Kingdom or Spain will not be accepted. These certificates must have the Hague Apostille (except those issued by Spain, which will not need legalization).

8. Financial means necessary to defray the expenses of stay and, where appropriate, those of their relatives, during one year, according to the following amounts:

- For its maintenance, monthly, 400% of the IPREM (Public Indicator of Income of Effects Multiple), which in 2021 amounts to € 564.90, being € 2,259.6 or its legal equivalent in currency foreign.

- For the support of each of their dependents: monthly 100% of the IPREM,
which in 2021 amounts to € 564.90 or its legal equivalent in foreign currency.

The availability of sufficient financial means will be accredited by presenting the
original and sealed documentation that allows verifying the perception of periodic and sufficient income or the possession of a patrimony that guarantees said perception of income.

If the economic means come from shares or participations in Spanish, mixed or foreign companies based in Spain, the interested party will certify, through certification thereof, that he / she does not carry out any activity any employment in said companies and will present an affidavit in this regard.

9. Fill in the printed form 790-052 for the self-assessment of the initial residence authorization fee. To be paid at the Consulate on the day your application is accepted.

10. Fill in the application for non-profit temporary residence authorization EX-01.

11. Pay the corresponding visa fee at the Consulate on the day your application is accepted

Beware that many Spanish Consulates are denying Non Lucrative Visas for applicants under working ages.

There is a new Remote Work visa coming and that is the reason why Consulates are not granting Non Lucrative visas to applicants they assume they will be tele working:

You can read more about the visa and the denials by Spanish Consulates here:

That's an interesting point about denials.

However, as of today, I think the new Digital Nomad visa is unfortunately not yet available.

If an applicant meets the conditions of the no lucrativa visa, then I'd be surprised if they were rejected. With one proviso: it's obviously a bad idea to indicate that you are/have been a digital nomad/remote worker, and/or you plan to support yourself in Spain by undertaking such activities. This is a visa for the financial independent, who don't intend to (or need to) work in Spain. Indicating otherwise is asking for trouble!

So if I were applying, I would not show my freelance income, but rather the required 28k euros of savings. If I didn't have such savings, I'd prefer to borrow it, if possible, stick in my account to support my application, then repay it after approval. Otherwise, the income should be a pension, or dividends, or some kind of ongoing income independent of you working. It's a misreading of the conditions of this visa if the monthly income you show is a salary or freelance income from remote working (or even an actual job in another country). This rather invites a rejection.

Has anyone had an appointment at the Spanish Consulate London?
How did it go?
How much did it cost?
When are you likely to hear the result?
Any advice greatly received.

I have just emailed them for an appointment for a self employment work visa

What is considered working age? I’m 57 and applying for a NLV.

If you can prove you are retired, there will be no problem. They are trying to conduct Non Lucrative Visa appliers to the new Remote work visa

You can read more about the visa and the denials by Spanish Consulates here:

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