Driver license exchange

Hello all,

I recently applied to exchange my Canadian driver license for a Danish one. The lady at the borgerservice warned me that it could take up to 6-8 months and in the mean time I was issued a temporary license, so I've got a few questions regarding this topic:

- Does any one here have a recent experience of exchanging their driver license? How long did that take (this is Aarhus Kommune) ?

- In the next few months I may need to take one or two business trips where I may need to rent a car to get around. I have now surrendered my Canadian driver license and the temporary one I got is limited to Nordic countries. Does anyone know if there is an option to get internationally-recognized temporary license that I can use outside of EU?

- Finally, does anyone know if it is possible to buy a car (and get insurance) while holding this temporary driver license?



Take a look here: … -koerekort
Open the paragraph:
Midlertidigt erstatningskørekort til kørsel i udlandet.
As you'll see it will be possible to get a temporary driver license which not only cover the Nordic countries, but also covers the rest of the world. It costs 170 kr. (2021), and it takes about 14 days to get it.

Back to borgerservice in Aarhus kommune and tell them.

Regarding buying a car and get insurance, why not? You have a valid driver license, even if it is temporary! Visit a random seller and get it confirmed.


Thanks Nellie!!

I will try both of these things

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