moving to denmark

hello! me, my wife and our 2 beautiful children (5 and 3 years old)...would like to change life and we're thinking to the beautiful Denmark. We're looking for a momentary (and economic...) apartament or house, to rent obviously. A part of my job can "follow" me, a large amount of my project could be solved via web , then I will look for something compatible there,  in Denmark. My wife doesn't work, the situation in Italy at the moment it's very very difficult. But she worked normally til the first lockdown, in 2020. So...any suggestion, where to move for a initial period, and anything else...we'll appreciate. thanks in advance. damiano

It'll be a general answer as you ask very broadly.

The Copenhagen and Aarhus areas are the most expensive places in Denmark. You can live for much less in the outskirts of Denmark, especially the places where there are no or few jobs to find.

Take a look at the sites here just to get a rough impression (some sites are more reliable than others):


very kind, thanks a lot!


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