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Hei. Has anyone got an emergency and have to travel while they have a family immigration renewal case still pending? Had anyone moved their case to the front and got granted quickly? I am wondering if it is possible to get a visa in Norway while you have a case pending . Thank you

are you IN norway and wanting to travel elsewhere due to a family emergency or outside the country?

Im in Norway and want to travel out

Its on the udi website that you must ensure you get your card before travelling. If your card is not renewed, you are at a risk of not being allowed back into Norway.

I was just wondering if someone can do anything to process there case faster. My father is critically ill its why I want to ask if they can process it faster

Sorry to hear about your dad. I do not think you can do anything to hasten them. As you and I know, the bureaucracy can be frustrating. All you can do is to wait. I do not know if you can call the Immigration office but I know you have to book an appointment before you can go to their office.

Thank you

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