Advice on renewing visa after amicable divorce with one child.

We'll divorce soon, simply due to personality differences and currently are still close and help eachother when possible.

I work online these days so my visa is only through marriage.

I understand that my residence permit will be terminated immediately upon divorce finalization, and we've decided to do it around the time of my visa expiry (Jan 2022), but how does it afford time to apply for a different visa?

I would apply for one based on having family in China (our daughter) I'm just not sure WHEN to apply. Before we divorce, and if so how soon? Or is there some time frame after the divorce that is given to apply for a different visa without getting into trouble.

If you have any experience or knowledge about this situation please drop me a few lines. I'm at a loss how to proceed.

You apply normally for a family visa.. I don't think a family visa allows you to have a job..

I never said anything about working.

A Family Visa can be based on your marriage (Spouse) or child from that marriage. I have switched already from one to the other even before we divorced and 3 months before the end of current visa as well.

If you decide to divorce first invalidating your current residence permit then you have around 10 days to register a different one.

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