Visiting Ireland with UK C-Visa from USA


My friend who's Iranian/lives in USA wants to come home with me to visit Ireland this Christmas. He has a UK Multi Entry C-Visa which I believe to be a valid visa for enter to Ireland.

Will that work if we come directly from the USA, or would we need to go thru UK first?


Hi and welcome to the Forum.

English visas have no validity for entry into another country.  Your friend can make multiple entries into the UK, but Ireland is not part of the UK.  The Irish have their own short-stay ‘C’ visit (tourist) visa which is valid for a maximum of 90 days; you can find the details at this link.  He would need to apply for an Irish visa.

Should your friend travel via the UK, the UK Gov website (link) tells me that your friend does not need a UK transit visa if he already holds a valid UK Standard Visitor Visa, which you tell us he does.

So, he just needs to apply for an Irish visa, which, together with his existing UK visa means he can travel either via the UK, or direct into Ireland.

Hope this helps.

Expat Team

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