What are you missing in France?

Hi everyone,

Living in France, on the long or short run, it is completely normal to feel homesick sometimes. We would like to know what you are missing the most about your home country in France.

Do you miss any aspects of your home culture? If so, what are these?

Are you able to reproduce dishes from home and find the necessary ingredients?

What about leisure activities? Have you had to reconsider your favourite activities? If so, which ones have you had to give up?

Are there any celebrations or traditions from your home country that you cannot take part in France?

How do you cope with that in your daily life?

Thanks for your contribution!

Expat.com team

I am guessing it all comes to expectations and the reasons why ....

We came to live in France because we hungered for a life of freedom in nature.... All our boxes were ticked !!

I knew from the beginning that you need to adapt to new circumstances. A bit like when you go to live in the village next to you, you still tend to go back to the shops you were used to.

So, yes of course, there were things we missed (mainly concerning food) but over time we discovered new stuff, got used to different things etc ...

So, do we miss something ? Nope ... people are people wherever you go and your tiny little kingdom that you build for yourself could be anywhere in the world ... it's about being content and adapting.



Yes, living in France will of course miss the original place-Hong Kong, which is inevitable.  I will miss some family members, and I will miss the food, efficiency and convenience of Hong Kong.  In France, if you want to eat the food you miss, you can only cook it by yourself.  What I am most unaccustomed to is that French document processing is too inefficient. It seems that I was born in a fast-paced place in the end.  There is no other way but to follow the customs in french, which is also to be respected.  Hong Kong people have no restrictions in this regard-French celebrations or traditions are free to choose whether to participate or not.  The last thing is the language. I can’t live here and I can’t speak French, minimum a little bit. I can only speak it hard, even if my pronunciation is not good.


I'm missing my family mostly, being able to talk to my mother, brother's, sisters, nieces, cousins in person and not having to rely on their terrible internet connections.

I'm from the Caribbean and came to live with my husband and provide a better life for our children. My children don't have much of a relationship with my family because it's very expensive to travel here and my family can't afford it, when we do get to video call it drops often or there just isn't any electricity or internet. It makes me very sad to be honest because it's not like I can just drive over to their house.

I miss my language, not English but Crucian my creole, I miss being able to speak and not watch how I pronounce things or have to translate but to be myself freely.

I miss the food, no one over here makes kallaloo and fungi, beef, saltfish, or chicken pate, no Trinidadian roti, no Malta India or Crucian Rum. Nothing I can share with my children.

I don't regret moving here because all the reasons I moved still exist, I just did not think I would miss so much.

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