EP rejection - due to hiring process

Graduated from master study in NUS in June and the company applied for me EP on 21st June.
TAFEP came to the company on 11st Aug and looked into the hiring process, because it said applications on job bank were not interviewed.
Received rejection letter on 20th Sept. The official reason from MoM is that MoM is unable to approve it because firm hiring process did not adhere to guidelines imposed by TAFEP.

Any chance if company chooses to appeal? What if company starts a new application?

Obviously, this company tried to circumvent MoM's fair hiring rules and is now on their watchlist.
You have a chance ONLY if they change their hiring practises, prove that to MoM and then still want to hire you (unlikely, as following the guidelines means hiring less foreigners). That would take several months, or more.
So I recommend looking for another employer!

Thanks Beppi.

By the way, when you mentioned I have chance only if…

Does that mean through appeal or through a new application process? Might be the latter one yea…?

By the time the employer has proven themselves, the deadline for appeal is certainly over.

Thanks. Think it’s either making a new application or finding a new employer

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