Hya - Planning to move to Toulon

Hi guys, my name is Renato I'm a Brazilian-Italian living in London since 2014, but lately as I'm WFH I'm thinking to move to Toulon.

Just wondering if you guys could give me any tips or tell me if the city is good to live in for 6 months or more, I will try for 6 months and then decide if I'm staying or moving to Barcelona for another 6 months.


Welcome and what u want doing in French country?

Well nothing much, get to know the culture and learn french. I'm having lessons for 4 months now, and I believe being there would be a great way to learn more and faster as I would be immersed into the local culture.
I am deciding between Toulon or Montepellier, not sure yet.

Montpellier, for sure. Much prettier.

Toulon is OK if you're in the navy. Big port there and that's about it.

Got it, thanks for the heads up. I will do better research and look into Montpellier flats, I wish that I could find something affordable near to the beach.

Would you mind telling me the names of the best calm beaches to look?

Sorry, I've been to Montpellier only once and that was 14 years ago. Mos tof my advice on this and other forums come from my girlfriend, a French native from the southwest who has had more first-hand experience with places in France than I have.

Hi the best place near Montpellier with beach is « cap d'agde »
U can stay in agde

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