Working as a Naturopath in Norway?

Hello everyone,

my Boyfriend and I will be immigrating to Norway in the next few years.
In the meantime I would like to do my training as a naturopath here in Germany.

Now my question: Does anyone know whether this training or qualification is also valid in Norway?
Or can it be credited? Or does the training only bring me something here in Germany and then I can start from zero in Norway?
Or do i need just a refreshment in Norway?

Thank you for your answers :)

I did some digging around on the internet and found this organization, which says it's the largest naturopath group in the country.

To be a member, they have different requirements depending on the type of therapy. Each one is listed here with the requirements for membership to their group. This indicates to me that there is no official government regulation regarding the certification, but since this group is large and old, I would guess if your certification fits in with these rules, you will be able to practice here.

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