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Dear Sirs,

I am reaching out to you from Athens, Greece.
I am currently in contact with a company in Brisbane that seems to be very interested in offering me a job with them.
Meanwhile, I would like to do research on what is needed to obtain a permanent visa in Australia. I have been reading on many options on the immigration website but it is also very confusing.
Could you advise me, please?

Moreover, what would be a good yearly wage? And what should that company include in the job package for me to have some security (i.e how many years must the contract be valid for? Should health security be included? Are they obliged to find me a place to stay? etc...)

Thank you kindly

Lydia Passadaiou

Hi Lydia Passadaiou,

Welcome to :)

While waiting for our members to better guide you, i would first of all advise you to go through the Living in Australia guide and to check all the articles.
It might prove to be helpful.


Priscilla Team  :cheers:

Hello Priscilla,

Thank you for your advice 🙏
Yes it helps a lot!

I appreciate your answer deeply!



Hi everyone ..
Would like to get advice about getting permanent visa for Australia..
Am at Malaysia now but my plan is to install in Australia....
Pls for those whom know about that I will patiently wait somes advises ..
Thank u

Australian borders closed due to Covid-19.

To get a permanent visa you first have to be employed and living in the country for a numbers of years before you can apply for permanent residency.

Click on Discover at the top of this page and open the Australia for visa information. An online search will help too as will reading other posts here.