divorce in barranquilla Colombia

I am married to a a Colombian woman and living in Barranquilla, Colombia.  I need information on a good divorce lawyer in Barranquilla, please.

No advice on the marriage part but was thinking of visiting Barranquilla, how is it there?

Was it that bad?

Condolences, man. There're always some bad ones in the bunch.

How did you meet her? Any kids?

Better than having the contract with Homeland Security, lifetime contract.

Well, if you dont have any assets in Colombia, you have very little to worry about.

And only have to worry about your US assets  if you have lots of them, and she has sufficient fnanciall resources to get a visa to the US, find a  lawyer that is wiling to take the case based on overseas marriage certificate and evidence, and she has tens of thousands of dollars to go after you in a US court.

Even then she would only have the possibiity of claiming 50% of the net increse in your assets during the time of the Union-which could be negaive. She could still claim alimony, but its hard to believe a lawyer would be desperate enough to take such a flimsy complicated case unless there was a major financial advantage for the lawyer.

Seems theoretically possible, but practically an exteremly remote possibility.

But then people have died from lightning strikes, shark attacks and slips in the bath tub. So anything is possibel

Some of the comments are not adding up.

The OP specifically asked about a lawyer in Barranquilla.  Danger Man seemed to be discussing a U.S.-based attorney.

If the OP posts again, he might tell us where the wedding took place .. how long the union lasted .. where the ex lives now .. and where the OP plans to live  post-divorce.


Basically I am saying a marraige in Colombia doesnt matter in the US.

Theoretically yes, but practically, no.

Unless he imported her to the US already, in which case ccc makes a good point.

But it doesnt apear to be the case.

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