MOE recruitment

Hi Teachers,
Did anyone get their Final Contract?

still waiting for it

Hi Mehwish13,

    Could u pls. tell when your interview was and for which subject?
Did you get the IOL?

Hello, any employers need Housemaid I Prepare Dubai or Russia.

@Sujatha Firosh interview was in Feb 2020, got initial offer in March 2020, again in July 2021 got renewed offer letter

Hi Mehwish,
Any updates at ur end?
Have u applied for equivalency?
I too didnt get any updates till today post the initial offer letter.

Hi Sujatha,
Done with Equivalency also. yet no contract.

thank u for the reply.
Do u know any other teacher in this same situation.
Can u connect on Whatsapp?

You guys may not have heard but other posters & myself have been told by our agencies that the ESE are cancelling the TTP programme.

Nobody receives rejection mail, so still there is a hope  :D

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