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Thank you, we appreciate joining this expat in Spain forum.

To introduce ourselves...My husband and I are retired professional American expats currently living in the South of France as French residents.

We are seriously considering moving to Spain with a NLV. We know it would require health insurance, Spanish driver's license. The plan is to utilize a Spanish immigration attorney to smooth line the NLV process.

We love Spain and are looking at areas east of Malaga and south of Valencia. Due to the inheritance laws we plan to rent. Since we shipped our furniture and belongings, we would ship them again to the area we plan to live.

Any input/feedback is welcomed !

I have had an apartment in the Costa Del Sol for a number of years. I have relocated to the Spanish Canary Islands (Tenerife) which is a low crime, low tax location with an incredible climate. I strongly recommend that you visit there before finally making up your mind.

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Eamon McEleney

Hi, just like you I am planning to retired in Spain but I was considering to buy. Can you please let me know what you know about inheritance law as you plan to rent instead of buying.

Thanks for asking, we are still investigating this issue...however we would rent initially to find the right area and neighborhood we like.

Inheritance law varies from one community to another. I don't know what is your case, but you need to do your research first and find where you will love to live, the most important thing.
I could advise in buying a property if you are interested PM me.

Good luck!

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