Live and work in Singapore

I am Joseph an Electrical Engineering Technician from Ghana and I would like to travel to Singapore live and work there. Vital information will be useful in the future. Thank you.

Hello, I'm Rosalinda 49 years old of age Housemaid  From Tagum City Davao del Norte Philippines I'm looking for an employer in Singapore.
I prepare ex-pat employer Employer, my previous employer, From Australia and England
I have Recommendation later From my previous Employer with me I hope
You welcome me to your Family.
Thank you.

Joseph: Would you like to travel to, live in or work in Singapore? This is not clear from your post, but makes a huge difference to the formalities (and your chances of achieving it).

Rosalinda: Good luck in finding an employer! Where and how are you searching for a job? (This forum isn't the right place: We only give advice, not jobs!)

Thank you guys for your reply. I would like to travel to Singapore, live and work there. Vital information will be pleased.

Kobinaakyere: So you want to live and work in Singapore, not just travel?
In that case you have to find a job first and then get a visa.
This forum contains lots of advice on job search and available visa types, which I encourage you to read and follow. But you won't find suitable jobs on this site - that is your own homework!

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