Childbirth cost as a foreigner

Hi everyone,

I am posting this as me and my Danish husband has no idea about our concern.

1st - We recently submitted every document needed for our family reunification application and we are still waiting for their response, in that case when we went to the doctor we paid for 300kr for consultation visit for my pregnancy aside from the other test. I just want to know if anyone here has an idea of an estimate if how much would childbirth cost so we would be able to prepare in case my permit with not be released yet.

2nd - Would I be able to get a covid vaccine for free or do we need to pay for it since I still don't have the permit to stay.

Thank you for everyone that will answer. God bless

I'll advise you to ask a patient adviser (patientvejleder) if he/she has any idea of the cost range. … laendinge/ … vejledere/

You should be able to get the covid vaccine for free. … pr-nummer/


Thank you for your response, I will let my husband reach out to them.

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