Nature conservation volunteering


I’m from the UK originally, living in Switzerland for the last 15 years and am planning a 2 month stay in Norway spring / summer 2022. I would be interested to hear if anyone can share some information about, or their experiences with, nature conservation volunteering in mid to northern Norway. I’m looking for an organized group activity. Am flexible regarding duration e.g. 1 day per week, or several weeks full time. Have looked on Work Away websites but it seems to be mainly individuals wanting help with their own projects and that’s not really what I’m searching. Would love to do something more like similar things I’ve done in UK - clearing moorland to preserve landscape, light forestry clearing work for butterfly habitats, bird observation and recording, etc. I will be arranging own accommodation or happy to stay in provided accommodation.

Any suggestions, tips or contacts would be very welcome!

Many thanks in advance!

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