SPASS application rejected for no reason

Hi i wanted to ask,
so I got a job in a logistics company here, and went interview everything is good.

the company  told me that they have quota for me.
I do have 2 years related work experience in this area and also graduated my diploma and degree from Singapore Uni. I did my SAT with minimum salary of $2500, and eligible.

applied on: 27 august 2021
got rejected : 6 sep 2021
reason: -

may i know what to do? the company told me to meet with the MOM office which i already make an appointment with them to clarify the issues why im getting rejected. i really love to work and living in here, do i have to ask the HR for appeal? i might be afraid they dont state any reason

My friend (male foreigner, 20 years old) also got the same result. He has been applied and rejected. Then he has been appealed and rejected. He asked his HR and the HR screenshot MOM’s letter stating “the candidate is not eligible to apply for work pass. Please look for another candidate”.

Whereas, my friend has already graduated with bachelor’s degree, the company that offers him position is big4, his base salary is $3000.

Currently, my friend will have another offer from another company with different position. My friend is worried that the outcome will be the same since he does not know which of the requirements that are not met.

Any advice on this will be much appreciated.

Thank you!😊

Winter28- This forum has threads on various topics, it is highly encouraged that you comment or ask a question that’s unique and not repetitive please. You posted the same on another thread, won’t fetch you a different answer. It’s commoners who take time out to help people, not to while away time responding to same query multiple times. Thank you for your understanding, also I have responded to the query on the other thread.

GeerGeer- It would be advisable to get to the bottom of the reason with the help of the employer, don’t do guess work. Something seems off, only MoM can guide you.

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