Best way to make international calls from Dubai (especially Algeria)

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What is the best way (cheapest with good quality of voice) that i can use to make international calls?
I am concerned to call China, algeria, jordan, canada, sweden and saudi arabia mainly.


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Traditional Skype & VoIP traffic are blocked in UAE. Unless du has done something about it. I mean they have the legal right to provide such services or partner with Skype but I am not aware of any such move.
What is more bothering is that they also block any phone application that you could use to talk for free with users of the same brand (Iphone, for instance). You cannot use Fring, Friendcaller, Vopium3G, Vonage, Truphone or any other apps to make cheap or free calls from you iPhone.

I am using skype, but it was applied in Belgium and am using wifi from hotel for the moment.

I tried to find out some international call cards but it doesn't seem to exist.

By a VPN before you arrive here and Skype to your heart's content.

Thanks to all replies, any other ideas other than skype (which I really had a hard time with)?

how about using the phone to call, isnt there any other way than regular etisalat or du?
if yes, is there a good offer within these two companies to be used for international calling that is going on these days?

definatly SKYPE! :)

ok, here is another service like skype with some more features (like using multiple caller IDs and phone-to-phone calls) with lower prices to some countries. it is called Rynga
it downloads an application just like skype and requires registration.
Note, it might be blocked to download it but once download it you can make phone calls most of the time.

problem solved people. install hotspot shield and you can use skype or anything else you like :)

Definitely Skype, over VPN because it is blocked here.

I am Algerian (As you are asking about Algeria), and i use skype, and some time DU, they have good offers on international calls.

Try downloading Viber as an app on your phone to make free calls. Also, it is still possible to download Skype in the UAE if you obtain a foreign proxy and connect via that. Remember...Google is your friend!!! Good luck :)

Google is everybody's friend... exactly..well said... Some people needs to start using their brains instead of keep asking stupid questions.

Hey all, There is a good news. The Google's video calling app is working fine in UAE. You only need to use your phone number to register just like whatsapp. try it

thank you for the info

Oh! Is it? Will try it for sure.

For free VOIP Audio calls, you can use R-HUB HD audio conferencing servers.

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